We live to serve our children and assist them in learning to communicate and express themselves.Their wants and needs are then skilled to bring out the best in themselves.

We have become therapists working with the pediatric population with the intentions of changing children’s lives. Families’ lives change one treatment session at a time.

We will work together to figure out what the needs of your child and your family. We will stop at nothing to achieve those goals. We create a SUPER HERO in them.



The following areas are focused on during our speech and language assessments and treatment sessions:

  • Speech Disorders/Delays

  • Language Disorders/Delays

  • Reading Disorders/Delays

  • Pragmatic Language Disorders/Delays

  • Swallowing and Oral Motor Function



Here at Super Hero Speech, we will provide an extensive and comprehensive assessment of your child’s speech and language abilities. The following assessments are used at Super Hero Speech:

  • Preschool Language Scale, Fifth Edition (PLS-5)

  • Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals-Preschool 2 (CELF Preschool-2)

  • Receptive-Expressive Emergent Language Test, Third Edition (REEL-3)

  • Oral and Written Language Skills, Second Edition (OWLS-II)

  • Oral Speech Mechanism Screening Examination – Third Edition (OSMSE-3)

  • Receptive One Word Picture Vocabulary Test, Fourth Edition (ROWPVT-4)

  • Expressive One Word Picture Vocabulary Test, fourth Edition (EOWPVT-4)

  • Evaluating Acquired Skills in Communication-Third Edition (EASIC-3)

  • Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation 3(GFTA-3)

  • Khan-Lewis Phonological Analysis, Second Edition (KLPA-2)

  • Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language, Second Edition (CASL-2)

  • Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals-5 (CELF-5)


Customer Reviews

My 6 yr old autistic son was non verbal when he first started therapy with Ariel 6 months ago and Now he can say a couple of words. They are very passionate about what they do and they really want to make a difference. I’ve been to many facilities before but I have never seen that many passionate therapists.
— Maria P.
The environment is super fun for children! The owner did a great job with the idea of creating a unique speech therapy office which is engaging for children. They even get to wear capes! It makes me want to be a child again.
The therapists are also great with the children and have a lot of love for what they do!
— Christina G.
Outstanding therapist. Super hero is very professional in all aspects of your relationship. Extremely knowledgeable and understands your needs immediately and very easy to work with. I highly recommend Super Hero for all of your needs.
— Deborah R.
My granddaughter has been to two different speech therapists without much success. Then we found Superhero Speech. I don’t know if she uses magic but whatever she uses, my granddaughter is finally making major progress. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— David F.